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The Brain INN8 Established with Vision to explore innate hidden potentials of kids to build strong youth foundation.


The Brain INN8 Established with Mission- When parents thought about career and development of kids,then the first thing that comes in Parents Mind is BrainINN8

  • DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test- Adv Reports- 69 Pages)
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Memory Enhancement Program (MEP) / Midbrain Activation
  • Photographic Memory Program (PMP)
  • Memory Booster Program ( MBP)
  • Quantum Speed Reading
  • Adult Memory Enhancement Program
  • Speed Reading
  • Telepathy
  • Modern Study Techniques
  • ESP
  • Handwriting Improvement Program
  • Abacus
  • Vedic Maths
  • Aptitude Test
  • We Established In Financial Year 2011-2012 In Nagpur
  • We Have Guided More Than 9000+ Parents To Make Bright Future Of Their Kids.
  • Initially We Work In Career Counselling Through Aptitude Test Of Kids For Their Better Career Selection As Per Their Basic Interest And Aptitude Level.
  • Future Planning
  • SUPER –KID SCHOOL ( We Are Planning For Such School Where We Can Give All Such Courses Under One Roof , Along With Normal School Studies So Students Do Enjoy And Benefited.)
  • DBB (Developing Brain Before Birth) In Which We Can Develop Brain Of Kids During Pregnancy Duration Of 9 Months 9 Days, As Per Our Own Requirement to make them Doctor Engineer, Scientist and So on...
  • Genetic Counseling

Who we are


Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test Is The Scientific Study Of Fingerprints Proposed By Dr. Harold Cummins. DMIT Is A Revolutionary Process Which Helps An Individual To Determine Their Talents, To Build Them Into Strengths, And To Enjoy The Essential, As Well As To Meet The Ultimate Demand Of Self-Actualization. DMIT Is A System That Determines The Most Common Human Intrinsic Potential With The Theory Of Human Genetic Inheritance. Dermatoglyphics is the study of the pattern on fingers and hands. These patterns are uniquely intertwined with an individual’s genetic composition and central nervous system. DMIT can reveal our intrinsic qualities and talents. Once a child is born, his fingerprints are completely developed and they remain unchanged till the end of life..

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Memory Enhancement Program ( MIDBRAIN ACTIVATION )

Memory Enhancement Program ( Midbrain Activation ) is A Training Programme To Prepare Children To Feel Visual Properties Without Actually Watching Them. Memory Enhancement Program ( Midbrain Activation ) Is Used To Activate The Super Intuition, And This Is Directly Confirmed. This Makes The Child Read, Write, Paint And Does Some Activities With His/Her Eyes Closed. Midbrain Is A 'Platform' For Communicating Between The Left And The Right Brain. The ideal of the Memory Enhancement Program ( Midbrain Activation ) training adaption aged for the children is 4 years old to 14-year-old because they are easier to absorb new things and also easy to adapt to new ways of learning. Midbrain Activation helps to improve confidence and self – esteem of children through participation in vigorous activities...

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Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

Dermatoglyphics Features

Parents Need To Understood

How To Discover Your Talents

What make this study works?

Dermatoglyphics Application

Need of DMIT Test

DMIT Vs. Palmistry

About Multiple Intelligence Theory

Brain Fingerprints Relationship & Down Syndrome

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MNEMONICS - A Memory Sharpen Program

How Mnemonics Helps in Studies

Key Benefits of Mnemonics

Who Should Attend

Memory Enhancement Program ( Midbrain Activation )

Enter the genius Mind learning State The Adaption Age

Scientific Research Information & Remarks

Methodology of Memory Enhancement Program ( Midbrain Activation )

Key Benefits of Memory Enhancement Program ( Midbrain Activation )


Development Of Brain Before Birth


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